V3UNIVERSAL offers service in the various industry, however, there is few wherein we provide our self as professional experts. We contribute towards efficiency, support, improved growth and success for the companies.


For many organizations, the most challenging area is the need of the resource that arises due to the requirement of the project, operational efficiency and the requirement of the skills.

How we do it?

  • Employ specialized team recruiters with skilled experience in recruiting for the position of non-IT.
  • Approaching the non – IT assignment for both short or long term requirement with an unparalleled focus on quality and precision for all categories of client requirement.
  • Hiring resources that are equipped with multiple skill sets to meet the client’s strategic business needs.


The demand for the highly qualified, dedicated IT resource has gradually increased as a result of organizations being highly dependent’. V3Universal has emerged to be one of the front runners with years of proven record of accomplishments and being identified as a core competency in the IT Contingent workforce arena.

How we do it?

  • Our skillful IT staff that have the combined technical, business and domain experience that offers our clients the right kind of people with the right set of skill to meet the needs of the client.
  • With the contribution to the ever – changing technology and well – defined recruiting framework, we vest in providing dedicated IT professionals with skills, technologies, experience as well as delivering skilled resources for our clients.
  • Equipping the best resource with expertise, apposite skill and capability of screening the best – fit candidate for any generic niche to fulfill the needs of the client.


One of the biggest employers in the country is BPO Industry. The BPO industry with the quality of service and solutions is fueling India’s economy. V3Universal works towards the primary responsibility of providing continuity to the business by adopting the practice to curb attrition.

How we do it?

  • We identify the key potentials that could be further upgraded by introducing it with effective technology, backed by training to boost the skills.
  • Rectifying unreasonable performance targets to be further rectified considering the nature of work.
  • The career cycle for employees should be meaningful for which we bring about value – added business to our clients.
  • Properly drafting the organizational hierarchy and performance appraisal systems to negate confusions.


The FMCG sector has historically been seen as an evergreen sector in India and has emerged as the highest paying industry in India. FMCG growth in the country has been driven by consumption and as a sector with huge growth potential. Quintessentially, this industry is also characterized by uncertainty, volatility, complexity, and ambiguity.

How we do it?

  • We measure the resourcefulness in terms of talents, abilities, total skills, creative, knowledge and potentialities for contributing to the organizational objectives.
  • Developing action plans to estimate demand, analyze to close any gap between the human resource demand and supply.
  • Enabling and reinforcing appropriate work culture to effectively deal with the external environment challenges.
  • Following the standard policies that promises and foster an inclination of an organization towards the adaptive pursuit of excellence.


Manufacturing Industry is one of those industry that is involved in the process of manufacturing and processing the items as well as indulging in the creation of commodities or in addition of value. It is regarded as one of the largest sectors that comprise of guidance in the areas like costs, revenue growth, inventory, customer relationship management, trends in investment as well as integrated business planning.

How we do it ?

  • Generate strong sales as well as increasing the attention from the investment community.
  • Determining the right mix of base pay, variable pay, and benefits that motivates and retains high performers.
  • Working on the strategic issues and balancing the needs of the employees.
  • Creating an effective performance management support with an engaged workforce that positively correlates to company financial performance.


The automotive industry is among the largest in the world, indeed deeply rooted to the socio – economic conditions with the power potential to change the poles. However, this pillar of the global economy undergoes challenges due to lack of the human resource strategic plan.

How we do it ?

  • Properly identifying, recruiting and developing talent with the help of HR professionals to grow and improve the performance of the business.
  • Finding the right talent and the process to maximize the impact with a proper strategic plan.
  • Cultivating and training leaders with the focus on daily operations with communication and collaboration skills.
  • Work towards consistently redeveloping marketing and advertising plans for leadership development programs.


Few sectors of the economy embody the rapidly evolving workplace like engineering. It is by far the most diverse industry with the largest segment in the Indian industry. With immense financial and employment footprint with the blend of swift advances in technology – the involvement of the industry pace has rapidly changed.

How we do it?

  • Defining the needs for the position or the job title in order to fulfill critical thinking necessary for the engineering industry.
  • Sourcing and screening for pre–qualifying candidate and conducting an interview with obtained feedback.
  • Creating a flexible and dynamic platform to implement the knowledge as well as exchange their ideas and to network in a business environment.


The life science industry has traversed a successful journey helping the organizations to advance next – generation discovery and development. In this highly innovative and rapidly evolving field, one thing which is a must is to rapidly and quickly move to remain relevant.

How we do it ?

  • Reinforcing the competitive position with a level of engagement that generates insights to help clients thrive.
  • Creating strategic solutions to stay on top of the challenges and advances in the industry.
  • Crafting a tailored solution that balances priorities, goals as well as the financial realities.
  • Supporting with the requirements of workforce issues, hiring challenges, legal risks, financial strategy, competitive positioning.


This commercial industry has been enormously profitable for many decades. Furthermore, the emerging markets represent an exceptional opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry. With the aim to attract the best target, the tremendous amount of responsibility lied on the Human Resource function – right from recruitment, training, motivating and retaining the best talent further.

How we do it ?

  • Maintain a performance criterion with long – term incentive plans within the organization.
  • Sustaining redundancy and retaining the employee proving better opportunity to realize the potential.
  • Creating new dynamics for proper organization and the reporting structure to suit the changing environment and personnel manning the key positions.


Telecom industry is a central pivot of all the industries that continuously work towards satisfying the ever – changing needs of its customer. Further, working with a large work force at the front end and back end both. For telecom industry, HR undeniably acts as the most important of all potential resource to obtain maximal work efficiency to assist in achieving organizational goals.

How we do it ?

  • Implementing new initiatives for development of the management, cultural development, performance management, and compensations.
  • Finding new operational paradigm for research and development.
  • Ensuring scalability, flexibility further facilitating rapid integration of the programs.


This global industry has completely evolved and revolutionized with the advent of technology. The advertising industry requires retention and face recruitment challenges with direct impact on profitability for which the HR departments handle benefits like recruitment, organizing, staffing, administration, and compensation.

How we do it ?

  • Helping the top level management to create a culture that improves productivity and rewards superior performance.
  • Developing service management programs, cultural initiatives while remaining responsive to issues that are closely aligned.
  • Gating and aligning development efforts, managing project portfolios, marketing the products and managing performance.
  • Establishing a collaborative monitoring and reporting process with a comprehensive view.

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